Police Chief Blames Public for Moose’s Death

Ishpeming’s police chief blames the public for the death of the cow moose that made her way through much of the city on Monday.

On his orders, a DNR conservation officer shot the moose late Monday afternoon.

Chief Jim Bjorne decided to have the mother put down after she was making her way back toward town on the Iron Ore Heritage Trail.

The cow and 2 calves had been seen on Vine Street in the city Monday morning.

We caught up with them in the early afternoon on Third Street, across the street from the Ski & Snowboard Hall of Fame.

The chief says he blames the efforts of rubberneckers who were trying to see the moose and take pictures of them.

He claims that’s what prevented police and the DNR from getting the 3 moose to safety.

Chief Bjorne says the mother was worn out and disoriented from more than 5 hours of being moved around to avoid people.

Because of that stress, the DNR says using tranquilizers would have probably killed her anyway.