Super Bowl Impaired Driving Prevention Campaign

Sixteen people have died on Michigan roadways since last week. February is not yet half gone, and already the number of Michigan roadway deaths has reached 79 this year, according to Michigan State Police. 

The Michigan Department of Transportation does not want to see that number grow by a single lost life, so is sponsoring a “Super Bowl Impaired Driving Prevention Campaign,” to remind those who celebrate this Sunday’s big game to do so wisely. 

Superbowl 58 between the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49rs is sure to draw millions of viewers. Many will watch the game while enjoying a few or maybe even more than a few alcoholic beverages. The department encourages Super Bowl party goers and hosts to be team players and adopt the motto that “fans do not let fans drive drunk.” 

Those who plan to drink on Super Bowl Sunday should prepare a game plan by arranging for a designated driver. Those who witness someone attempting to drive after consuming alcohol should “call a foul,” according to the campaign. Take that person’s keys away and help them to get home safely. 

Party hosts should prepare plenty of food and non-alcoholic options for guests. Designated drivers should remain in MVP mode while celebrating the Super Bowl, by taking their role seriously and refraining from consuming alcohol or drugs. 

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