UPHS Home Care and Hospice Invites the Community to the 3rd Annual Butterfly Release

Grief and sadness are feelings commonly felt following the death of a family member or friend. During periods of grief it is important to express those feelings, in order to move forward. Around the world butterflies are closely associated with the passing of a loved one. Even in north America. Butterflies are often used to symbolize transformation, life, spirit and hope.

Butterflies have a sort of story about them,that goes really well with grief. We think the buttefly is gone when the caterpillar curls up into it’s hole, and then he emerges and comes out much more beautiful. Grief is something as a bereavement councilor I talk to people about often. And tell them it’s better not done alone. We still have some work to do on our own, but we also need to know there are other people, communities that are behind us. And when we share that time together, it means a lot to know that other people are caring as well.” – Julie Beck, Bereavement Councilor and Coordinator, UP Health Systems Home Care and Hospice

Next month UPHS Home Care and Hospice will host the organization’s third annual Butterfly release. The event gives local residents a time to come together as a community and grieve for those that have passed on. The event additionally will raise funds to support the organization’s Hospice Promise Foundation. Which helps hospice patients and families afford unexpected funeral expenses, and other non hospice related expenses.

We can request money to assist them with that process. And, so, I’ve turned in six or seven applications already this year. And that’s a lot. People don’t necessarily have the money that need at the end of life. And so it’s a blessing for our area to have the Hospice Promise Foundation to be able to assist with that. And the other piece is if there’s something somebody has on their bucket list, so to speak, that they want to try to accomplish. We can consider those things well. And see if can help somebody to see someone or have an experience they’ve been waiting for, before their time comes.” – Julie Beck, Bereavement Councilor and Coordinator, UP Health Systems Home Care and Hospice

Those interested inter purchasing a butterfly for the release on August 5th in Kestner Park can contact UPHS Hospice by phone or at their office. The group asks that all orders for butterflies are made by July 31st, so they can have everything ready in time for the event. Butterflies cost ten dollars each, and you do not have to be present at the event to release the butterflies. Though UPHS hospice certainly encourages the entire community to join them.

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