Copper Country Veteran Service Offices to Host Resource Fair in August

When a veteran comes home after deployment, re integrating back into civilian life can be difficult. And it can be just as difficult to navigate benefits veterans receive for their service. At the beginning of August, the Houghton County and Keweenaw County Veterans Service Offices plan to host a resource fair, and will include information on healthcare benefits, employment support services, and much more.

So the purpose of the Veteran’s Resource Fair is to contact as many veterans as possible. To make them aware of their veteran’s benefits, that they may be eligible for. Especially as we are coming up to about a year out from the implementation of the P.A.C.T. Act. And there’s a few deadlines for filing those claims that could be affected by that. So we want to make sure we reach as many veterans in our area as possible. And that’s our goal all the time, we want to help veterans. That’s our job, and the more we can reach, the more we can help. And that’s a good thing.” – Joseph Battisfore, Director, Houghton County Veterans Service Office

There are two important information sessions during the fair. One will discuss the recently passed P.A.C.T. Act.

“But the P.A.C.T. Act really opens up the ability of veterans to make claims for ANY toxic exposures they may have had in service. Not just the ones you hear most often, or presumptive conditions. Because we are coming up on the deadline for filing within a year of the act, to establish a possible earlier effective date for any compensation claim. It’s important to come to us now. So we can start the ball rolling right now, and preserve their filing date.” – Joseph Battisfore, Director, Houghton County Veterans Service Office

The second information session will discuss suicide awareness and prevention pertaining to the veteran community.

Suicide continues to be a problem that plagues our veteran communities. And the Veteran’s Health Administration is pushing, along with Veteran’s Service Offices, to educate people on how to deal with these sorts of issues. So that’s part of one of the information sessions, and it’s a main focus because we obliviously want to reduce the number of veteran suicides. And get people to the care they are eligible for.” – Joseph Battisfore, Director, Houghton County Veterans Service Office

Joining veteran service agencies and department at the fair, will include some local VFW and American Legion halls. Veterans attending the resource fair will additionally receive a gas gift card, and a free meal at the Copper Country resource fair. the Copper Country Veterans Resource Fair August 2nd, at the Calumet Coliseum from 1 to 5 pm.

Copper Country Veterans Resource Fair Details