Houghton and Hancock Named International Cities of Peace

Houghton and Hancock are now recognized as international cities of peace. Following an incident that took place at Temple Jacob a couple years ago involving anti-Semitic graffiti on the building, local citizens wanted to bring the community closer together. Miriam Pickens and Pastor Bucky Beach worked together to recognize the diversity, history, and people in the copper country working for a better tomorrow.

Miriam Pickens says that the work of others was a big help. Events like the Parade of Nations, and international programs from Finlandia and Michigan Tech helped to solidify the area as peacemakers in the eyes of the international cities of peace.

Houghton and Hancock are designated as the 337th and 338th cities to be named international cities of peace, respectively. And the overarching organization has a goal to name 1,000 cities by 2025. Becoming a city of peace is a great accolade to add to the areas rich history.