Bob and Carroll Ann Swanson

Warmer weather, sunshine and a COVID–19 vaccine may mean small social gatherings are around the corner for many of us.

But some may still struggle with isolation, especially those who are in addiction recovery or are seeking recovery.

We talked exclusively with two people who have a keen understanding of what it means to be in recovery.

Bob and Carroll Ann Swanson built their careers in social work helping people in addiction recovery. Bob, himself has been in recovery for over 30 years.

 “I don’t know what it would be like for people to come in and try to find help during this pandemic. It’s got to be difficult.  It was difficult enough, I remember when I came into recovery, just being sober,” Bob said, let alone, what have I got to do next. During this pandemic, how on earth do you get find, a place… like, I’ve had enough drinking, I have had enough drugging.  It’s like, where do I go to find help.”

People in recovery need a support system, and even that has been changed by the pandemic.

Meetings held by via zoom or other teleconferencing platforms help to ease the isolation, they said.

“It’s not a substitute. It’s a stopgap measure for the time being so that I can do as well as a possibly can without what it is I am really craving,” Carroll Ann said. “Which is looking people in the eye, you know, holding hands, giving someone a hug and sharing that kind of him. But I am very  grateful for social media  and books and podcasts and things like that.”

Above all, the Swanson’s say the best way to get help is to take the first step. If you ask, someone will be able to help.


  • UP Coalition Network: Communities That Care coalitions operating across the UP to prevent youth substance use and other risky behaviors
  • Great Lakes Recovery Centers
  • FACE Project: For friends and family of those with addiction
  • Beyond the Save: For professionals in the addiction/mental health field
  • – MSP Angel Program – Walk into any Michigan State Police Post for help without fear of arrest.
  • Booze Musings on Facebook.
  • Or, local recovery Zoom meetings.

    Saturday AA

    9:00 am

    ID: 913 045 763

    Password: 315518

    Saturday AA

    10:30 am

    ID: 176 899 897

    Passcode: 033661

    Sunday AA

    9:00 am

    ID: 779 454 901

    Password: 832090

    Monday AA (Irontown Group)

    7:00 pm

    ID: 405-015-058

    Password: acceptance

    Wednesday AA 12&12

    7:00 pm

    ID: 429 848 3033

    Password: sober1988

    Escanaba  NA meeting

    Sunday, Wednesday and Friday

    7:30 pm

    ID: 582 548 6345

    Password: 00046920

    Substance Abuse Treatment

    Great Lakes Recovery Centers

    241 Wright Street

    Marquette, MI 49855

    (906 228-7611)

    Google search:

    BOOM Rethink the Drink

  • Dial Help –