Rural Physician Students Define Grit and Determination

MARQUETTE, Mich. (WBUP) — Earlier this year, six medical students from Michigan State University College of Human Medicine UP Campus received the Mazzuchi Scholarship.

The retired doctor humbly reminds every recipient of the scholarship where the support comes from. The money for the scholarship comes from local business owners providing donations as well as residents putting a portion of their will or estate into the funding.

A large number of physicians who were being paid to teach even put their own paychecks into the scholarship. The fabric of the Upper Peninsula is built on helping one another.

The students who receive this scholarship understand the need for health care accessibility in the Upper Peninsula. Rural physicians face unique challenges and are characterized by their hard work and passion for the career. These skills are critical for an area with specialized needs such as the U.P.

Beyond understanding the science behind medicine, being a rural doctor requires a homely approach that focuses on the patients needs.

The Michigan State University College of Human Medicine Upper Peninsula Campus has served the community since 1974. The programs at the campus have developed the necessary skills of 310 medical students and 210 family physicians.

This year shines a light on our healthcare workers as heroes and these scholarship recipients continue that legacy by providing a much needed resource to our community.