Help Wanted: State of Michigan Opportunities

UPPER PENINSULA, Mich. (WBUP) — Are you looking for a rewarding career or new job opportunity?

Check out options from around the state. Michigan’s cost of living is lower than any other state or metropolitan area in the Midwest. That makes this state the perfect place to create a professional career, build necessary skills, and develop the tools to be an asset to the job market.

As we continue into the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services three-week “Pause to Save Lives,” many businesses are closed or limited in how they can serve the community.

For residents who are looking for new employment opportunities, one resource is the state of Michigan.

Currently, the state has more than 300 well-paying jobs that require all different sorts of skill sets that you can be successful in providing. You can even pick your county and find a job right here in the U.P.

Create an account and apply today. The state even provides resources for job training, internships, and volunteering to help you get your foot in the door for the perfect career.