Local record label hosting Forestville cleanup

MARQUETTE — A local record label is doing their part to clean up a popular recreation area.

Lost Dog Records, based out of Marquette, is inviting the public to join them in cleaning up Forestville and its surrounding trails.

According to the founder of the label, what comes as a necessity can also set an example that future generations can follow.

“We’d get couches dumped here often,” said Raymond Little, founder of Lost Dog Records. “We just wanna clean it up and keep it clean, and set a good example for future generations that it’s not okay to just dump in the woods. Please don’t litter.”

The cleanup, which is scheduled to take place June 13th at noon, will place a dumpster near the railroad tracks along Forestville Road.

Lost Dog Records, along with co–sponsors North Country Disposal and the I Love Heather Foundation, is encouraging people to clean up other popular spots around the area, in addition to Forestville.

Sponsors of the event remind participants to maintain a safe distance from others, which shouldn’t be difficult, given the large area being covered.

Lost Dog Records was founded in 2013 and features artists from northern Ontario to Detroit.