NEGAUNEE — The COVID–19 crisis is hitting small municipalities hard around the UP, and one town is doing all they can to help their citizens.

The city of Negaunee, like many small municipalities, is low on resources due to the COVID–19 crisis. City manager Nate Heffron reminds Negaunee citizens to remain steadfast and cautious during these hard times.

“Please stay vigilant and try to do your part,” said Heffron. “Again, it’s very important. I know it’s hard, and it’ll get harder as we go along to try to stay at our homes and away from our friends and family, but this is the only way we’re going to be able to cut down on additional folks getting sick.”

Some of the changes include keeping city employees at home or limiting their hours, to reduce chances of exposure to the virus.

All city parks, along with city buildings and facilities, have also been closed. Many local businesses have been struggling during this time, so the city has been directing them to economic organizations such as the LSCP.

For a full list of changes the city has made, be sure to visit their Facebook page.