Crime rate down in Marquette

MARQUETTE — While the “Stay Home, Stay Safe” order may have civilians quarantined in their homes, a few positive outcomes have come from it.

Most recent numbers show that Marquette’s crime rate is significantly lower than the U.S average, and has only gone down since Governor Gretchen Whitmar’s executive order was put into place.

“After the executive order was issued, we’ve seen a decrease in call for service,” said Greg Kinonen, Detective Captain at the Marquette Police Department. “Which are complaints in the City of Marquette. We’ve had to take different roles. We’re still out there. We’re still responding to emergency calls and still having to deal with issues within the community. But still trying to maintain what were suppose to in the city.”

Marquette Police are still very active in their everyday duty. You can contact your local police department for more information.