NMU hosts Career Day at Jacobetti Complex

MARQUETTE — Around 130 students from Westwood and Negaunee High Schools participated in a Career Day at Northern Michigan University’s Jacobetti Complex this morning.

Each student had a unique schedule for the programs they wanted to explore further. The students got to choose four different topics and careers from a list of 11 options at the event. Some of those options included construction management, automotive and HVAC/refrigeration to electrical line technician, cosmetology and welding.

The common theme between all of these careers is that they are in high demand and are constantly searching for employees.

“It is an excellent opportunity and time for students that are graduating from these programs as there is a large turnover for people who are retiring from the industry,” said John Centko Department Head for Technology and Occupational Sciences at NMU. “This is creating a large number of vacancies and it will provide the opportunities for students to advance and move into these careers. It also gives the students an opportunity to sit in and talk with the instructors, talk with students who are in the program, and learn more about what the programs are like. They get to learn what different career opportunities are like upon graduation.”

Students were able to get hands on with each career path, and had the chance to talk to professors and students who are currently in the programs.