Suunta Integrative Health offers holistic physical and emotional health services

MARQUETTE — On January 23, an open house for the Superior Child Advocacy Center was held at the location of its new partner, Suunta Integrative Health. The Child Advocacy Center is now one of many services offered through Suunta.

Suunta Integrative Health provides holistic health services, as well as both pediatric and adult social and emotional health services. The staff is made up of licensed nurses and social workers. Peter Copenhaver, Clinical Manager and co-owner, says that the organization is the brainchild of his wife Melissa.

“This all got started out of a dream that my wife had,” said Copenhaver. “My wife works in mental health. She does psychiatric nursing, mental health nursing, and she’s also a social worker. She had a desire to have a space to provide services, especially pediatric mental health. When the opportunity presented itself, we rented another office. So we decided that we were going to create a whole clinic just for this sort of thing.”

Copenhaver says that part of Suunta’s mission is to help clients get to where they need to be regarding their physical and mental health. Suunta’s holistic approach ensures that clients’ needs are being met in every way.

“Overall, holistically speaking, good physical health and good mental health make a good person,” said Copenhaver. “We all are aware of the different stresses we have in our lives; we have this multitasking world we all live in where everything is technologically driven. So I think we maybe kind of lose ourselves a little bit, and it spins off and creates other problems. And sometimes you just need someone to talk to and work a few things out and kind of get your life back on track again, and we help provide that.”

For more information on Suunta, the Superior Child Advocacy Center, and all the services they provide, visit their website or Facebook page.