Recommendations for marijuana zoning presented to city commission

MARQUETTE — Recreational marijuana–related businesses in Marquette may soon come to fruition.

Earlier tonight, the Marquette City Commission and Planning Commission held a work session, to present recommendations for possible zones within the city that would allow various marijuana–related businesses to open.

“Basically the Planning Commission has had meetings over the past couple months, formulating these recommendations,” said Sean Hobbins. “This is their chance to explain to the City Commission why they made those decisions and why they think that would be the best option for the city.”

The meeting comes before a public hearing, scheduled for February 10th, where the city commission will vote to accept or reject the recommendations.

“In order for the City Commission to make an education decision on February 10th, this process tonight will allow them to have that background information, the reasoning behind the planning commission’s efforts, and why they’re recommending what they’re recommending,” added Mike Angeli, Marquette City Manager.

If the recommendations are accepted, then applications for the 7 different marijuana business types will be open on March 1st.

Applications for prospective businesses will then go through Community Development and the City Clerk, effectively ending the legislative process for recreational marijuana businesses.