MARQUETTE — Recognition for hard work is always rewarding, and earlier tonight, three people received just that.

Three people have been inducted into the UP Labor Hall of Fame for their years of service to their unions and respective industries.

However, this recognition aims to do more..

“We’re really honored to have this here in the UP,” “It’s not only just for the current generation, but it’s really a good role model for the future of our labor movement and the future of labor in the UP.”

The three new hall–of–famers include Shana Thornton of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, Stu Skauge of the Michigan Education Association, and Tom Spencer of the United Steel Workers 4950.

After the ceremony at NMU’s Superior Dome, a celebratory dinner was held, where state senator Ed McBroom came to give recognition.

“The recognition you receive from your peers your friends and neighbors and the people you work with is just the highest praise,” said Senator Ed McBroom. “Here in the Upper Peninsula, where we value hard work, where our parents teach that to us, and we see all the things around us that were built by laborers. Whether it’s our mines, our roads, our schools, it means a lot.”

The three inductees now brings the hall of fame to 39 members.