Marquette adopts ordinance to allow adult-use marijuana facilities

MARQUETTE — The legalization of adult–use recreational marijuana facilities in Marquette is now a go.

In a meeting held earlier tonight, the city commission deliberated on the divisive topic of recreational marijuana facilities within city limits.

Citizens of Marquette packed the chambers to voice their opinions on the public ordinance, which now allows retail facilities within the city.

This allowance isn’t without restraints, however; the ordinance forbids facilities to operate in exclusive residential zones, within 500 feet of a school, 500 feet of a religious institution, and 500 feet within a substance abuse center that is licensed by the state.

The original ordinance banned facilities from opening up near the previously listed places, along with day cares, child care centers, playgrounds, parks, and other marijuana facilities.

Despite these regulations, the city of Marquette may have as many facilities as they so choose within the limits.

The ordinance will take effect on March 1st of 2020, with the city commission voting to take another look at the ordinance on March 1st of 2021.

The next step is for the Marquette City Planning Commission to establish fees, draft license applications, and set zoning regulations.

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