MARQUETTE– The temperature is dropping significantly and snowfall already beginning to happen.

It’s getting around the time of the year to start preparing your car for the winter season.

The Upper Peninsula is known for a large amount of snow and extremely low temperatures. While that has came pretty early in October, dealerships and other mechanic shops are urging people to get their cars updated.

“If your car is going to be sitting for a couple days, go outside and start it,” said Keven Hagans, Sales Consultant at Riverside Nissan in Marquette. “There’s a lot of technology in vehicles now and its draws on the batteries. Keep air in your tires, as much as you possible can. Make sure you can start it, and if you can drive it for a little bit to make sure all the kinks still work and help the vehicle out.” 

Especially when snow starts sticking on the ground, its important to take care of all emergency lights that pop up as well as possible upgrades.

“You can bring it in, if your tires pressure light is on, we will take a look for you. Around 60 to 70,000 you should come in and get your coolant checked. If a light comes on, take it to a dealer, take it to your local mechanic. Just make sure your car has been serviced the right way. It will help you get through the winter a lot easier. 

With still sometime before winter takes full effect, all things that need to be done to cars in order for them to work successfully in the snow, should be scheduled as soon as possible.