Residents enjoy Senior Prom at Brookridge Heights Assisted Living & Memory Care

MARQUETTE — An assisted living facility in Marquette put on a special event for its residents today in honor of National Assisted Living Week.

Brookridge Heights Assisted Living & Memory Care hosted a Senior Prom for residents, families, and friends this afternoon. The prom featured live music, a photo booth, local public servants to socialize with residents, and plenty of food for attendees to enjoy. The prom was part of a special week celebrating assisted living facilities across the country.

“This week we are celebrating National Assisted Living Facility Week,” said Lindsay Hemmila, Sales and Marketing Director for Brookridge Heights. “So today we’re wrapping up the week with a very special Senior Prom. Every Friday we host a happy hour with live entertainment and mocktails, so we thought, why not end this very special week with a prom for our residents and their families and anyone in the public who would like to attend?”

For caregivers at Brookridge Heights, today’s prom was intended to bring residents together to give them a sense of community. Brookridge Heights also hopes residents were brought back to their own proms through this event.

“An event such as the senior prom today is important for our residents because it gives them a time together,” said Hemmila. “It gives them a time of community, a time for socializing and laughter and fun. The senior prom is hopefully bringing all of these folks back to times that they remember for Friday night dances. So we’re bringing it back to them here.”

The Senior Prom was just one of many events put on at Brookridge Heights to promote community among its residents.