Queen City Burger donates check to Caregivers Incentive Project

MARQUETTE — The Burgers for Benefit Program is a way that Queen City Burger is trying to give back to the community.

This program allows for an entire month to be dedicated to a charity, where 10% of the proceeds will go towards the charities cause. The local burger joint also offers a donation jar where money can be donated to each month’s charity as well.

The most recent recipient of a donation is the Caregiver incentive project. They were able to raise $150 that will now go to that program which will be focused on ending the shortage of qualified in-home caregivers.

“It is awesome,” said Eric Curtis, Owner of Queen City Burger. “I love giving back to people. Especially to all the local charities, we have the next couple of months booked up as well. If any other charities want to get on board they can go to our website and fill out the form.”

For more information about the burgers for benefit program or the Caregivers Incentive Project you can click here.