Caregiver Incentive Project hosting fundraiser July 18th at Escape Marquette

MARQUETTE — The Caregiver Incentive project, which is a new non-profit, will be hosting a fundraiser on July 18th at 6 pm.

The fundraising event will be held at Escape Marquette in support of the Caregiver Incentive Project. The goal of this non-profit mission is to end the national shortage of qualified in-home caregivers. All proceeds earned through Escape Marquette tomorrow will be given to the Caregivers Incentive Project.

“Ask us questions, get to know us, learn why and what we are doing and what our intent is to do,” said Eric Paad, Founder of the Caregiver Incentive Project. “We want to start locally, and help it here in Marquette, we want to take this across the U.P., across all of Michigan and we want to cure the world. We want to help the whole United States because this is a crisis from sea to shining sea. I know friends out in Seattle that cannot find a caregiver for their mother out there. So we hope to do that and that’s our goal.”

Escape Marquette is where Dorothy received her very first job and it has opened doors not only for her but also future players who may also have disabilities.

“She (Anna Hemstock) said Dorothy I am going to learn from you just as much as you are going to learn from me,” said Dorothy Paad, Spokesperson for Caregiver Incentive Project. “You are going to learn what it is like to go to work and have a job and have a boss. While I am going to learn from you what it is like to have an employee with a disability, because I have never had one before so we are going to learn.”

While Dorothy learns more about the workplace Anna Hemstock, owner of Escape Marquette, will be learning more about having employees with disabilities.
Anna will also learn how she can accommodate players with disabilities to make it fun for everyone who comes to Escape Marquette.