MARQUETTE — A popular tourist destination in Marquette County is set to get an upgrade.

In a county commission meeting held Tuesday night, the board elected to expand the parking lot of Sugarloaf Mountain, a tourism hotspot in Marquette County.

“There’s been a lot of issues with parking on 550,” said Gerry Corkin, chairman of the board. “So we’re going to take a look at it and see if we can expand the parking so it makes it a lot safer, because there’s heavy traffic sometimes on the 550, and sometimes speeding traffic. So we want to make it safer and continue to get more people to visit.”

Over 47,000 people visited the mountain last year.

During the height of tourist season, people would park on either side of County Road 550, while dangerously crossing the busy road in attempt to get to the foot of the mountain.

While it’s still very early in the process, the hope is to start construction in 2020.