MARQUETTE — This week, the Iron Bay Restaurant celebrates their 2nd year anniversary with specials and events for every day of the week.

For the 1st anniversary, the restaurant held a week-long celebration and had a great response, which is why they are doing it again.

Today is the first day of the week–long celebration that also incorporates learning about the area.

“We tie it into a lot of the history. So tonight, we’ve got a special historical event where we’ve got 5 local history experts coming in to talk about things that people may or may not have ever heard about with Marquette and the history of Marquette” said Iron Bay Managing Partner, Joe Constance.

Iron Bay wants to thank all who support them and they are excited for their 3rd year of serving the community.

All of the events going on this week are free to the public and available online, click here to see the event schedule.