USA Today places Mt. Bohemia in the top ten North American ski resorts

LAC LA BELLE — Just outside of Copper Harbor sits one of the UP’s premiere ski resorts.

“USA Today had chose 20 ski resorts to be in their contest. They chose 19 resorts in the west and 1 in the east, and that was us. There wasn’t anybody from Vermont, New York, or Eastern Canada, just us. We went up against some great Colorado Resorts,” Lonnie Glieberman, President – Mt. Bohemia.

Not surprisingly, 3 of USA Today’s 10Best named resorts came from Colorado, including the number 1 rank.

Winter Park was 1st (place) in Colorado, and we we’re number 2. So Mt. Bohemia is really grateful and happy that we achieved that.

So what exactly makes this place the only ski resort east of the Rocky Mountains to make that list?

“The editors looked at what makes a ski resort special. Bohemia competes head to head with Colorado for snow fall, and as far as glades trees, we have more acerage of glared tree skiing than most places in North America,” said Glieberman.

When skiers and snow boarders get off the chairlift at the top of the mile long run, they have plenty of options to make their way back down. Many travel through the gladed tree paths and end up quite a ways from the lodge, but regularly scheduled shuttle busses brings them back to the lift for another run.

“We’re open every day. We’ve got 2 chairlifts, we’ve got 4 busses, over 600 acres of skiable terrain. We leave it all natural, the skiing. It’s about adventure, escape, and wilderness,” said Glieberman.

Natural indeed. The resort relies on natural snow, and does not run any grooming equipment, and that’s just how the guests like it. At one time, the resort added lights for night skiing, but those who come here prefer the natural mountain feel, so these days the chairlift closes just before dark, giving people the chance to explore the night scene.

Outside here is the 30 person outdoor hot tub. It’s the Largest outdoor hot tub in the UP. It’s kind of a social gathering place on afternoons and weekends.

With hill bottom lodging and a dining options, its easy to see why Mt. Bohemia is deserving of such a high honor.

Our capacity is 245 people and we’re full virtually every weekend until mid march. If you’d like to learn more about the resort, you can check out their Youtube channel.

We actually have a TV show on Youtube, Mt. Bohemia TV. It tells you all about the mountain. It’s a lot of fun.