Queen City Burger Company opening soon in U.P.

MARQUETTE — A new restaurant is opening up in Marquette Township and it is ready to bring some new flavors to the people in the U.P.

The Queen City Burger Company is an up and coming local business that will be featuring some unique burger recipes. They will even be featuring a 100% vegan burger and some sweet potato waffle fries.

The owners of the company are very excited to give the community something new to bite into.

“I have lived in bigger cities where you have five guys and all of these specialty burger places,” said Queen City Burger Company Co-Owner, Eric Curtis. “Then you come up here and there is no dedicated burger place. So I wanted that for me and if I want it for me then I want to share it with everybody else.”

The restaurant is not open yet but is looking to open its doors within a month to month and a half.