Vista Theater gets new signs after being damaged

NEGAUNEE — If you’ve driven through downtown Negaunee in the past week then you might have noticed the some improvements to the marquee of the Historic Vista Theater.

New signs were hung on the marquee to replace the ones that were damaged last year when it was hit by a delivery truck.

“The sign got hit by a truck last year, and the truck company switched insurance companies during this whole process,” said Lex Exworthy, president of the board of directors for PAAC. “But we’re happy to have a functioning marquee again soon.”

The Peninsula Arts Appreciation Center, which operates the theater, worked with Cook Sign Services of Marquette to install the new signs, and there is still work to be done to complete the updates while keeping the historic feel.

“It’s just a matter of Cook Signs finishing up, making it look the best they possibly can,” said Exworthy. “Getting that historic look without using the historic parts is difficult, but we’re trying to maintain some semblance of the aesthetic of the theater.”

The new marquee will also use new letters and be lit up with LED lights, and is just one of the many improvements that will be done to the theater in the future. That would include making sure the theater is handicap accessible and a functioning and efficient heating and air conditioning.

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