Stabenow authored Farm Bill passes through Congress

WASHINGTON D.C. — On Tuesday, the United States Senate passed the farm bill which was co–authored by Senator Debbie Stabenow (D-MI) and Senator Pat Roberts (R-KA). The bill passed the senate with a total of 87 votes, the most ever for a farm bill, and covers a variety of topics. Senator Stabenow held a conference call Wednesday morning to talk about the bill and why it is important.

“This was a very hard–fought, bipartisan victory, and as I said when I chaired that last committee and passed the last bill 5 years ago, Michigan really is on every page,” said Stabenow during the conference call. “One out of every four jobs in Michigan are supported by Agriculture, and the food industry.”

Topics that are included in the bill are:

  • commodity support,
  • conservation,
  • trade and international food aid,
  • nutrition assistance,
  • farm credit,
  • rural development,
  • research and extension activities,
  • forestry,
  • energy,
  • horticulture, and
  • crop insurance.

Stabenow was joined in the conference call by members from the Michigan Farm Bureau and the Michigan Agro–Business Association among others, who all showed support for the bill. The bill was also passed through the house on Wednesday, with a vote of 369-47. It now will go to the President’s desk, where Stabenow is optimistic it will be signed into law.

To see the full bill for more information, click here.