Winter weather awareness week prepares folks for Winter

NEGAUNEE — With temperatures dropping, winter is surely on its way and this week marks Winter Weather Awareness week in Michigan.

Every year in the fall season Governor Rick Snyder declares one week of awareness in the state of Michigan.

This week is meant to help folks get prepared for the winter season as it’s the perfect time to prepare your cars for the upcoming snow fall.

That includes if you switch your tires to snow tires and making sure you have a safety kit in your car at all times.

“We have some ferocious winter weather at times throughout the winter season and there are times where you may be stuck in a ditch for an extended period of time. Having a safety kit that include a blanket, having water available to you, a shovel, kitty liter, and things like that. Those are important necessities for folks to have in their cars here in the U.P. throughout the winter season,” said Matt Zika, Meteorologist.

The main focus this year should be being aware of the weather forecast at all times, especially before you hit the roads.

If you do happen to get stuck in a ditch make sure to stay in your vehicle and not to wander around.