Mid-term election show the winners in U.P.

MARQUETTE/ESCANABA — Incumbent for the 109th District State House seat, Sara Cambensy, was at the Vierling in Downtown Marquette, and Ed McBroom was at Hereford and Hops Pubbrew in Downtown Escanaba on Tuesday night.



Each candidate celebrated their win and discussed their hopes and visions for Michigan especially as they relate to the residents in the Upper Peninsula.

“We’re going to pick our leadership within our own caucus, and then start focusing on all the legislation that’s left at the end of the year that we really need to make sure -especially in the rural areas in the U.P. -that our people are represented and that those bills work for them not just the urban areas.”

“It’s time to start getting ready for the office and hiring staff and all of the things that go with getting ready to serve again. Certainly I already have people looking to meet with me and talk about policy and different issues that are important to constituents across the district.”

Now that the mid-term election is completed and the last few polls are being tallied, we will now watch as these changes shape Michigan and the country.