Ishpeming students wear orange for Unity Day

ISHPEMING — Ishpeming Middle School student wore orange today to take a stand against bullying in honor of Unity Day.

Unity Day is part of National Bully Prevention Month.

Ishpeming Middle School has been participating all month long by focusing on being united for kindness, inclusion and acceptance.

This month gives the teachers and faculty a good opportunity to talk to their students about different issues they could face and ideas how to deal with certain issues.

“I think its really important to have these conversations with our students and just make sure they are aware of how they are treating others. Making sure they are aware of others are feeling if they are not being included or having people be kind to them. It’s just helps make our school more positive of a place when they are aware of what’s happening,” said Michelle Peace, 8th Grade Teacher.

From poster board contest and different classroom lessons the middle school has been participating all month long.

They held their final assembly today to wrap it all up.