Robotics scrimmage teaches kids team work

ISHPEMING — The FIRST Tech Challenge teams from around the U.P. gathered at Aspen Ridge Elementary school for a robotics scrimmage this past weekend.

The scrimmage is held for students to get an opportunity to learn more about competitions and gain more skills.

They started the morning off with team interviews before a panel of judges where teams talked about their robots, followed by 4 robot matches.

Even though the kids compete very hard against each other, the number one rule is to always to help each other out.

“Before a competition we’ll help each other out, if you have a problem the chances are the team next to you can help. Whether it’s help with programming or lending you a tool or a fastener or screw. That’s part of what we are teaching these kids, they have to work together not only in their own teams, but among the teams,” said Melody Doig, Coordinator.

Scrimmages like these help bring out skills kids never thought they had.

The robotics competitions will start this November.