Blight discussed at meeting in Negaunee

NEGAUNEE — The city of Negaunee held a special committee meeting on blight in the city this evening.

The special committee has been working on a proposal on how to deal with blight on commercial properties within Negaunee. Tonight the committee brought in different speakers who know how blight can affect properties within towns.

This public hearing gave the chance for the public to come and hear testimony from professionals who have seen what blight has done to communities. The committee has also added other regulations to this proposal to help further its goal in keeping Negaunee up to date on the Property Maintenance Code.

“In an addition to that we are placing new regulations in there to help keep properties cleaned up and to get rid of blight,” said Negaunee City Manager, Nate Heffron. “That would be like deteriorating buildings, broken windows and things of that nature.”

Currently residential will not be affected by this proposal, but rentals such as apartments and rental homes will be affected due to being considered commercial.

The proposal if passed will then go to the city commission for further discussion.