MARQUETTE — Marquette held the festival, Art on the Rocks, this weekend where artists were able to show off their work and they even got a visit from the Attorney General of Michigan.

While artists were selling their art to the public, Bill Schuette was working on his campaign for Governor and getting to know the local artists in the U.P.
The Attorney General is working over time to get his message out to as many people in Michigan as possible before the primary elections.

“I want Michigan to grow so we can have a bigger talent pool and so we can have more paychecks and bigger paychecks for people across the state,” said Republican candidate, Attorney General of Michigan Bill Schuette. “I want us to win again and that means I want the jobs to be in Michigan and not Tennessee or Texas. That means cutting taxes, lowering auto insurance rates and making sure our schools are of the highest quality.”

The primary elections will be happening on August 7th.