High lead levels found in local schools’ water

MARQUETTE — With the news breaking that Northern Michigan University finding high levels of lead in the water.

Marquette Area Public Schools decided to be proactive and test their water levels.

3 weeks ago Tri–Media tested Marquette Area Public Schools and discovered high levels of lead.

The highest levels were found in their older buildings including Sandy Knoll Elementary, Graveraet Elementary, and Bothwell Middle School.

MAP’s number one concern is the safety and health for everyone.

“It’s hundred percent about the safety and the well being of our students and our staff. Folks that are obviously consuming water on a daily basis. We encourage that more healthy lifestyle, its important to know that the water that were giving students to drink is certainly appropriate form as well,” said Bill Saunders, Superintendent.

MAP’s does not have all the results back from testing, but does plan on doing all the recommendations offered.

There will be plenty of drinking fountains and water sources safe for students to use when they come back in the fall.