More cybersecurity jobs created as threats grow

MARQUETTE — As the threat of cyber attacks grow around the globe, so must the need for Cybersecurity jobs.

There will be over 2 million jobs unfilled in the area of Cybersecurity by 2020. Most of these jobs do not require a 4 year degree.

The Michigan’s Merit Network is hoping to set up a training hub in Marquette.

This will not only attract more people to the U.P. but also create more jobs for the locals.

“One of the things that creates business is a skills ecosystem and cyber security can be done from anywhere. We can launch businesses right here in the Upper Peninsula, keep kids at home by developing that skills ecosystem,” said Keith Glendon, Global Strategy and Business Director for IBM Security Services.

If everything goes through with the Michigan Merit Network, the program will be available winter of 2019.

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