Econofoods giving back to Copper Country

MARQUETTE — The Econofoods Houghton location is helping provide food meals for all the law enforcement helping with the cleanup efforts in Copper Country.



They are also working with the Red Cross to supply meals to the families and victims of the flooding that happened this past weekend. As a business in the U.P. it’s important for them to help the community out.

“It completely disrupted peoples lives. We thought why not help anyway we can to try to make the situation a little better. We firmly believe what goes around comes around. If you’re in a place where you can help people you should. That’s what we are doing,” said Zach Quinnell, Store Manager for Econofoods.

A lot of vendors like pepsi and some beer distributors are purchasing water and sending it up to the area as well. The Econofoods Marquette location is also a drop off point for any donations to Copper Country.