FORSYTH TOWNSHIP — Tuesday morning The Forsyth Township Library held reading with Sagamore the Therapy Dog.



Reading with Sagamore helps build their confidence and keeps their reading levels up during the summer time. Kids who struggle with reading or want to practice their reading skills benefit from this the most.

“Dogs are non judgmental, they don’t care how long it takes you to read the story. They don’t care if you stutter or stumble over the words. They will lay there and put their head in your lap and they relax you. The kids relax and they just enjoy being with the dog,” said Leslie Makela, Forsyth Township Library Director.

This is Sagamores 3rd summer participating in the Summer Reading Program. Sagamore plans to be at the Library every Tuesday during the summer reading program.

To join The Forsyth Township Summer Reading Program click HERE.