NWS warning of potential brush fires

NEAGAUNEE — The National Weather Service Marquette doesn’t just measure how much snowfall we get each year.

Summer is a pretty big time of year for them too. Brush fires are one of their top priories during the summer, especially the past couple of days.

Tomorrow should be no different, as conditions are favorable for the spread of wildfire. There are a few things that you should keep in mind.

“A lot of common sense comes with the prevention of fires, before they get out of control. If folks are out camping and they have a fire they are using. Before leaving your camp site, make sure its completely extinguished. Don’t throw cigarette butts out of your window and into areas, since its been so dry,” said Matt Zika, Meteorologist at National Weather Service Marquette.

It’s also recommended to keep vehicles off of dry grass and to avoid using any power equipment that creates sparks.