Birchview Elementary School honors Ishpeming graduates

ISHPEMING — Ishpeming High School seniors may have already graduated, but another Ishpeming school honored the IHS graduates that started their educational careers inside their halls.



The graduates walked down the halls of Birchview Elementary School, high-fiving the current elementary school students. These students, from kindergarten to fourth grade, made signs and decorated the halls to honor the seniors.

The walk led the school down to the gym, where a small assembly was held. Birchview faculty and staff, with help from their students, took the seniors down memory lane. They sang songs, read a book and even asked them questions about their time at the school years ago.

The celebration was not only bittersweet for the graduates, but for the elementary school students as well.

“It was happy and I knew some of them for a long time, so it was sort of sad ’cause they’re growing up and I can’t see them in high school,” said Birchview 4th grader Ava Jo Hares. “Good luck class of 2018!”

ABC 10 would like to congratulate the 2018 graduates, from Ishpeming and all over the Upper Peninsula.