Organizers, candidates gearing up for UPCPAC this weekend

FRANKLIN TOWNSHIP — As election season approaches, communities across the country are discussing current political events more frequently than other times of year. Upper Peninsula residents will have a rare opportunity to attend a political event this weekend in Escanaba, that was originally created in the Keweenaw.

“We are bringing in speakers from all across the nation. We are bringing speakers in that are going to be speaking on what was the original intent with the constitution, what’s happening with our constitution today, and how it’s being manhandled and what our future will look like if this trend continues and then of course what we can do about it. Even you and I in our back yard,” said Franklin Township supervisor Mary Sears.

Sears organized the Upper Peninsula Conservative Political Action Committee, or UPCPAC, that will be hosting the convention this Friday and Saturday at the Highland Golf Club in Escanaba.

“Friday night is going to be the candidates who are running for office from the state house to the governor’s office are going to be there so we’ve got quite a number of those folks coming in on Friday. To Speak and to listen to our population up here in the U.P.,” said Sears.

Among those scheduled to speak is state senator Patrick Colbeck, who is running for the office of governor.

“Well I know why it’s called ‘running’ for office. I’m working a lot of exercise getting everywhere. At the end of this week, we’re going to be out at UPCPAC. That’s going to be a two day affair. I’ll be there Friday night and Saturday Morning and then head up to Houghton-Hancock for an event and then go over to Marquette to end the night. It’s going to be a relatively short U.P. tour compared to last time. I don’t think I’m going to be able to put yard signs out in the middle of Keweenaw Bay this time, but it’s going to be a fun trip,” he said.

As the event carries into the second day, more discussions are planned covering a variety of topics related to the theme of “Our Constitution Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow.”

“Saturday, we just have a full docket of wonderful speakers. Jack Bergman is going to be there, Tom DeWise who speaks on sustainable development and what that looks like. That’s so important. You know that’s tied to the land and how our land rights are being stripped away,” said Sears.

Advanced tickets are encouraged, and they are available HERE.

In the meantime, candidates continue campaigning. Sen. Colbeck is currently touring lower Michigan as he makes his way to this weekend’s conference. He met last night with residents near Alpena who had similar small town concerns as residents of the U.P.

“I think over all a lot of people have been feeling disenfranchised by their elected representatives. I want to make sure that we change that around by actually getting somebody that comes out to every place around the state like East Tawas, Alcona County, and Ontonagon. We want to make sure that everyone has a voice,” said Colbeck.

While passing through, the senator will be making time to visit residents of the Keweenaw. A meet and greet has been scheduled for Saturday afternoon from 3:00 pm until 6:00 pm at the Ramada in Hancock. The public is welcome to attend.

“We’re going to go off and talk about some issues and hear what the voters have to say,” he added.