Sharing the road and staying aware

MARQUETTE — The nice weather looks like it’s here to stay and that means more cyclist out on the road.

Cyclist being safe is one of the most important things while being out on the road with drivers. It is recommended for cyclist to be thinking of themselves as part of the traffic.

Staying in the shoulder of the road and being aware of the cars around you is essential. There are also a couple things drivers should keep in mind.

“Bicyclist are part of our transportation system. We have to respect them as part of traffic, so give them space. Give them room to pass and most likely it’s your buddy riding his bike. Just be aware that they are there and treating them as someone who is going to adhere to the traffic laws,” said Erik Carlson, Owner of Quick Stop Bike Shop.

It’s important to be equipped with the right gear, wearing a helmet is a must. As well as bike lights, to help get the attention of drivers to make sure they notice you.