Organization builds leaders on and off the field

MARQUETTE — On Wednesday, over fifty student athletes from around the Upper Peninsula gathered in Marquette for a Student Athlete Leadership Workshop. This year’s theme was “Leadership is doing what is right when no one is watching.”

They learned what it means to be a leader and how to practice being a leader in a more positive way on and off the field.

“Being a leader is being that one person that someone can come talk to, being that encourager to show people hey you can do this you are strong when they don’t think they. I want to be that person that they can come talk to. Be that person that listens and shows them that they are worth it and you are worth it and you’ll always be worth it. You are strong,” said Kaitlin Ambuehl, a Republic-Michigamme Student Athlete.

The Student Athlete Leadership Workshop included speakers from high school coaches from all over the U.P. and current NFL football player, Marcus Tucker of the Pittsburgh Steelers talked about his road to the NFL. He emphasized it doesn’t matter whether or not you go to a division one school. Your work ethic and level of dedication is what matters.

“Coming from division two you don’t get many chances to showcase what you can do on a higher level. Therefore every opportunity that you have, you have to maximize it. In order to maximize your opportunity, you have to prepare. Preparation is key and in order to maximize your potential. You have to have preparation and in order to be prepared you have to know what it is you want to do,” said¬†Marcus Tucker, Pittsburgh Steelers Wide Receiver.

This year’s Student Athlete leadership workshop was funded by Northcare Network.