Peter Pan is bringing Never Land to Marquette

MARQUETTE COUNTY — Superior Arts Youth Theater is presenting a classic at the Forest Roberts Theater in the coming weeks and it’s going to be a magical experience. Never Land and Peter Pan are coming to Marquette for a short time and these kids have been working hard to make the show perfect for the community to come and see this production that has been in the works for awhile now.



“The kids have been working really hard inside and out of rehearsal; they are in rehearsals right now from almost 12 hours a day as we get into the tech week. Though it is really important that our community comes out and supports them because they have been putting in so much work and our program is all about making them learn about commitment and responsibility and putting themselves out there,” said Jalina McClain, executive director and producer.

These young performers will be involved in flying and sword fighting. There will also be a live orchestra playing throughout the production. These young performers are ready to bring their characters to life for this spectacle show.

“So when they step out on stage and see a full house in the audience it really shows them that their work was worth it and it really puts light into their life,” said McClain.

Peter Pan will be showing from March fifteenth through the eighteenth. Go out and pre-order your tickets to a magical adventure to never land.

You can contact/ticket sales for SAYT. here