Spread Goodness Day meant to be unique for each individual

MARQUETTE —¬†Spread Goodness Day is next Friday, March 9th. If you don’t know what it is, it’s a day dedicated to show how one kind act can make a big difference when many people do them at the same time.



Founder Anna Dravland said the event was created with the intention to make it easy for as many people to participate as possible. The way people spread “goodness” is unique for each individual, and it could be as simplistic as opening the door for someone.

“You don’t have to sign up for it, you don’t have to commit to something big. I really just want to encourage you do to do something good,” said Dravland. “It’s more of a platform for other people to decide how they want to spread goodness than for me to tell them how to do it.”

Many Marquette business have announced their own Spread Goodness Day initiatives. The Marquette Food Co-op is raffling off a basket full of Fair Trade products and is handing out chocolate.

“We will be handing out little chocolates to all of the shoppers that day, but we’ll also be giving them a little extra chocolate to take with them in the hopes that they will then spread the goodness by giving the chocolate away to somebody that they think needs it,” said Sarah Monte, the outreach director for the Marquette Food Co-op.

For more information on Spread Goodness Day, click HERE to visit the event’s Facebook page.