HANCOCK — Students who are thinking of making the switch to Finlandia University are invited to an Open House on Tuesday evening. The event will take place at the Jutila Center from 4:00-8:00 p.m. and will focus on the university’s new transfer pricing and online nursing program.



Transfer Student Coordinator Craig Kangas will be answering questions about a new pricing model that puts Finlandia’s private college experience at a lower price point than many state schools.

“For students coming in with transfer credits, with six or more transfer credits and that base price is $6,297 per semester,” said Kangas.

The Open House will also focus on answering questions about the university’s online RN-BSN program. The degree is the first program of its kind offered in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and offers registered nurses a chance to complete their bachelor’s degree online.

This Open House is free for anyone interested in learning more about transferring to the school and for those looking to advance their career in nursing. More information about the university’s new transfer pricing or the online RN-BSN program, click HERE.