MARQUETTE — Acupuncture is an ancient medicine used in both eastern and western medicine.Today, it is becoming a popular addition to maintaining a well–balanced life.

Acupuncture is the science of releasing muscles and creating blood flow in the body in accordance with western medicine. Eastern medicine defines it as creating a qi (chee) in the body, meaning existence and life.

Either way, the science of acupuncture proves that acupuncture can be beneficial for anyone seeking overall well–being and health and in conjunction with other treatments can be beneficial.

“So, going on the theory of how acupuncture works we’re basically fine–tuning your system to balance and heal and work with itself,” said Alicia Smith, registered acupuncturist.

Working with the facea,the large connection of muscle in the body, and the nervous system, the needles are placed in acu-points in the skin to intercept pain messages being sent to the brain.

Therefore, the needles are placed in points in the body to instantly relieve pain, and in time, can also relieve chronic pain, depression, and symptoms of ADHD.

“So, in that retrospect acupuncture can technically help with everything. We’re not curing diseases we’re allowing the body to balance itself,” added Smith.

Acupuncture does not cure illnesses. What it does is help the body balance itself without consuming numerous pharmaceutical drugs. It should not be taken as an alternative to other medicine practices, but when combined the chance for successful treatments and recovery are greater.

“I think that we should never buy into one set of principles. I think that if you can have the whole team versus one person, than why would you choose just the one person to work on your health,” shared Smith.