MARQUETTE — The force was strong with hundreds of locals Friday evening during a Star Wars party to celebrate the release of the newest film.

The Peter White Public Library was alive with friends, families, and fans who are excited to see Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Numerous activities for all ages were hard to miss – from lightsaber and Jedi duels, to trivia and board games, and even a space banquet complete with futuristic live music. Of course, people couldn’t miss the opportunity to get dressed up, and have their photos taken to commemorate their love for the franchise.

“That’s the cool thing about Star Wars – it’s extremely multigenerational,” said Sarah Rehborg, a Youth Services Librarian at the Peter White Public Library. “When my dad hooked me on Star Wars when I was a kid, and he was hooked on Star Wars when he was a kid, and now we’re hooking all the kids, as kids now, on Star Wars.”

The epic evening was made possible with help from the Marquette Arts and Culture Center, and Taiga Games.