MARQUETTE — Wednesday night, the Peter White Public Library hosted a public panel discussion on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, as part of their “Remember Vietnam” series of events.

Although PTSD was not recognized as a medical disorder by the American Psychiatric Association until 1980, veterans of war have often suffered from it, just by different names. The evening’s panel featured three speakers, each discussing how they’ve coped with PTSD either in their own lives, or from another’s perspective. Among the speakers was UPHS psychiatrist, Dr. Tyanne Dosh, who presented information on the psychology and treatment of the disorder.

“There’s certainly growing awareness of PTSD, and the implications that it has – not only on the veteran, but, what we’re really starting to have increased awareness of – not necessarily something that’s new – but something that we’re really trying to study and learn more about is how we can treat the family as a whole, too,” said UPHS Psychiatrist, Tyanne Dosh.

The program was offered as part of a grant from the American Library Association, PBS, and the WETA.