Fly fishing experts teach tying and casting

MARQUETTE — It was Demo Day at the Marquette Regional History Center and people of all ages were able to try their hand at fly tying and casting. Expert fly fishers Mike Stefanac and Herb Grenke were at the Marquette Regional History Center today giving lessons on tying and casting.

The duo are former professors at Northern Michigan University where they taught courses on the pastime. Stefanac said the peace and relaxation that comes with fly fishing is part of its allure.

“Being on the river itself is a big thing – you never know what’s around the next bend. There’s a lot to being on the river and knowing the fish. Let’s put it this way, you can get as involved as you want – you can keep it simple or you can really dive in to it,” he said.

A wide range of guests came out to see the presentation from children and high schoolers to college students and seniors. Stefanac said the presentation is more about capturing the idea of fly fishing and hopes people go out and use what they learned.