MARQUETTE–Marquette had a special Canadian visitor on Wednesday who is attempting a great feat-running around all of Lake Superior.

Bill Michl from Fort Francis, Ontario is running twelve hundred miles around Lake Superior, covering around 15 miles a day. He started this adventure in Thunder Bay, Ontario and is expected to complete the run on September 28. While he enjoys the beauty of Mother Superior, Michl is running for a purpose: to spread awareness for Lion’s Club International’s 100th anniversary as well as Canada’s recent 150th anniversary of Confederation.

“You can’t just sit on the couch all summer and do nothing so I thought I would do something that was going to help the organization of my choice, which was LCIF. I decided maybe I could run around the lake and raise awareness of what we actually do.”

Over the course of the last century, the Lion’s Club has donated over a billion dollars to various philanthropic causes from disaster relief to diabetes research and measles irradication. As a long time member of the Lion’s Club, Michl said it’s important to note that all money the club receives goes back into the public. LCIF has 1.4 million members spanning over 215 countries and is the largest service organization in the world.