Owner of local boutique hoping to inspire others

ISHPEMING — On Friday morning, it was all smiles and cupcakes as one local beloved boutique opened a new location.

The Boxcar Boutique has been open for a little over a year now but moved locations to the central downtown area of Ishpeming. More retail space is available at the new location, allowing for easier interactions with customers.

This country-glam boutique offers a comfortable environment for all women and aims to make everyone who stops in, feel good about themselves. Getting moved into the new location was done through the help of family and the community, who the owner hopes to give back to.

“We try with a lot of the stuff we do, if we can find somebody local to do it for us or with us, that’s really important to us to support our community. Some of the vendors we have coming in, we try to get local representatives and local vendors to come and do that,” said Boxcar Boutique Owner, Carolyn Lindholm.

The boutique is introducing the ‘Yooper Girl’ line which will have glam and rhinestones over clothing items representing the U.P. This was a longtime dream for the boutique’s Owner, Carolyn and she encourages others to not give up on pursuing their dreams, even if it takes a couple tries.